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Dr. Brent DeLong


Dr. Brent DeLong is a husband, father, health advocate, speaker and chiropractor. He has a passion to lead people to a life of health and vitality, so they have the energy to live out their purpose. As founder of DeLong Family Chiropractic a MaxLiving Health Center Dr. Brent has been leading thousands of patients to not only feel healthy, but to achieve true health, through the MaxLiving 5 Essentials.

Dr. Brent’s top priority is to give patients the most effective chiropractic corrective care and the most cutting edge information on health and wellness, through block buster events and seminars. Dr. Brent’s impact has reached far beyond his own clinic. Dr. Brent is a sought after speaker through out the community speaking at corporations, businesses, churches, gyms, clubs, and non-profits.

Dr. Brent's passion comes from seeing personal families members struggle with their health. Poor life style and medical intervention with drugs and surgery simply masking problems never giving answers or real solution. This has inspired him to help patients discover the cause of their health condition, and implement real solutions to get lasting results.

Dr. Brent has his own personal testimony as well. In college he sustained a severe back injury, a herniated a disc in his lower back, that ended his collegiate football career. With drugs, shots and eventually surgery being offered as the only option, Brent was introduced to chiropractic. Being a big skeptic himself, but not wanting surgery, started getting adjusted and working on correcting the spine. With in a few months he was pain free and cancelling surgery.
"I know how back pain can be so much more than just pain, but it can effect every aspect of life and rob you of the things you love to do. Chiropractic not only made me feel better, it gave me my life back. Now I want to help others feel better, get their life back and fulfill their purpose"- Dr. Brent

Dr. Jill DeLong


Dr. Jill is a wife, mother, and prenatal and pediatric chiropractor who has a passion for helping pregnant women, infants, & toddlers. She has a firm belief that every pregnant mama can achieve the pregnancy, labor, and delivery that she wants & deserves through a strong foundation of health tools like chiropractic care and the Webster Technique, a proper birth team, education, support and resources. Dr. Jill continues supporting families through health with post-partum, infant, and toddler chiropractic care while educating parents on key issues necessary to raise the next generation healthy & drug free

In 2013, Dr. Jill graduated with her doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic. During her time at Palmer, she completed her clinicals with a pediatric diplomat doctor, delivering high level chiropractic care to families including infants, toddlers, and pregnant women. She then traveled abroad where she adjusted & educated the underserved children of Bequia. She continued with her internship with one of the top MaxLiving doctors in the country.

Dr. Jill is certified in the Webster Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Webster is used with pregnant women to balance the pelvis & relax the round ligaments to allow the baby to move freely. This technique also allows for optimal function of the pelvis throughout pregnancy & especially during labor & delivery. Dr. Jill has more than 200 hours of advanced pediatric training working towards her Pediatric Diplomat certification with the ICPA. She has an innovative approach using a combination of Sacro-Occipital techniques, spinal corrections protocols, along with the 5 Essentials of MaxLiving, to assist in removing interference to the nerve system so her patients can obtain optimal health.

Dr. Jill serves families along side her husband, Dr. Brent DeLong & their little girl, McKenzlie! They welcomed McKenzlie earth side in November of 2015, at home, unmedicated, in the water, & without ever having an ultrasound (nope, they didn’t know what they were having!). Dr. Jill loves to support mamas through her “Max Mamas” support/education classes and her personal experience with a natural, healthy, unmedicated pregnancy, labor & delivery, and now family of 3!

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Bailey Piper

Office Coordinator

Bailey Piper

Victoria Wood

5 Essentials Coordinator

Victoria Wood

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Patient Coordinator


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